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This is the "funstuff" page.  It is perpetually under construction with various pics, videos, etc.  Most will be car related, or just stuff I found funny.  Where known/possible, I will include links back to the owner's site.  If you own something on these pages and you aren't being properly credited, please contact me - you can find the link at the bottom of this page and most pages.

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(I'll try and add notes for "minumum" versions for clips if I know what they need.  When in doubt, download the clip and try it.  Come back here and get the player, and email me with what clip didn't play in what version so I can add notes!)

To download clips instead of watching them, right click or shift click the link.  It will probably prevent the video becoming jerky.

Car Videos:

F-Body Wild Times. (from www.f-bodyhideout.com)
    fbodywildtimes.wmv - (10.5 MB) - F-Body wild times.  Still one of the best videos of F-Bodies doing what they do best.  Definitely pay the web site a visit - they always have a bunch of cool clips.

Peter does donuts. (from www.motorpics.com)
    dimasdonuts.mpeg - (6.5 MB) - Impromptu skidpad testing.

Peter smokes his clutch. (from www.motorpics.com)
    pdpricesless.mpeg - (9.5 MB) - Firebird burnout gone bad.

1998 Firebird commercials - originally from www.pontiac.com and www.pontiacpower.net
   98fbird.avi - (3.6 MB) -introducing the 1998 Pontiac Firebird.
    boo.avi - (2.3 MB) -more 1998 Firebird commercials.  "so powerful it's scary"
    hungry.avi - (2.4 MB) -the last 98 Firebird commercial.  "The muscle car lives"
    (These use mpeg4 encoding - divx will play them.  Media player 6.x should - 7.01 does.)

SSIN melting tires off his Firebird
    tireblow.mpg - (28 MB) - use media player or quicktime
    ssin's main site

Valvoline "born to drive" commercial extract.
    vroom.mpeg - (0.3MB) - use media player or quicktime

Computer Videos:

How to "reboot" your computer
    hiddenkscctv.mpeg - (0.5 MB) - this one's been around for a while.  Guy punches out his PC.

Windows 98 blows up on Bill Gates during the CNN demo.
    gates_and_win98_crash.mov - (1.6MB) - use quicktime, and I betcha someone was looking for a new job after this aired.

Other Videos:

Nike Y2K commercial.
   nike-y2k-joggers.mov - (3.2 MB Quicktime) - (un)Fortunately, y2k was nowhere near as bad as this commercial made it out to be...

Molson Canadian "I am Canadian" commercial.
   molson-canadian-i-am.mov - (2.2 MB Quicktime) - I think I'll have to start a beer commercial section if I can get more commercial clips...(and if you don't get it, I can't explain it to you...)

F-14 and the speed of sound in slow motion.
   fs14ss.mpeg - (1.3 MB) - Slow motion shot of an F-14 at close to the speed of sound - you can see the shockwave starting to form when the plane hits a cloud.

Not quite a bronze medal...
   bronze.mpeg - (640 KB) - Olympic outtake.

Parasailing 101
   boat3.mpeg - (1.2 MB) - Sponsored by your local chiropractor.

Saturday Night Live - All Drug Olympics
   alldrug.avi - (5.5 MB) - From 1980's vintage Saturday Night Live.

To download clips instead of watching them, right click or shift click the link.

Fourth Gen Firebird shots:

2001 Firebird brochure in pdf format.

Corvette Pics:
  Some of these come from Chevrolet, some are pics I've found on the web and usenet.

The Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette.
Any 'vette that can do 254 mph is alright in my book.

 The 1990 ZR-1.

Exotic and Show Cars:

A couple shots of the Pontiac Rageous - a "dream car" from the early-mid 90's.
Note:  the Rageous has a V8 and rear-wheel drive.  Pontiac keeps teasing me with this stuff and then NOT building it.  Instead, we get the Aztek. <sigh>

Other "unique" car shots:

Assorted other shots:

Many of the above are courtesy of Lockheed-Martin, they have a cool public image archive.

My $0.02 on the Winnipeg police:

You can use these tones to test your stereo's response:
10 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
20 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
30 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
40 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
50 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
60 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
70 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
80 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
90 hz test tone (4 meg zip)
all the above zipped up (35 meg zip)

Temporary Link to the FBody shop manuals:
part1 part2 part3
Why temporary? Each one of these files is 100 megs in size. Trying to decide on a better distribution method for them.

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