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Date Event Type Driver Notes
May 8EnduroRayEnduro Season Opener
May 23Drag RacingRay and/or DarrenDrag Racing Season Opener
May 23AutoXRay
May 29 & 30WSCCWayneSports Car Club Season Opener
June 4AutoXRay
June 8 or 9AutoXRay
June 12EnduroRayEnduro 300
June 13Drag RacingRay and/or Darren
June 19 & 20WSCCWayne
June 26 & 27Drag RacingRay and/or Darren
July 10EnduroRayEnduro 300
July 11Drag RacingRay and/or Darren
July 13AutoXRay
July 18DemoRayDemolition Derby in Selkirk - tentative date.
July 18Drag RacingRay and/or Darren
July 25Car ShowEveryoneEast St. Paul Show and Shine
July 27AutoXRay
July 31 & Aug 1Drag RacingRay and/or DarrenLong weekend - Blown Alcohol cars!
August 7 & 8WSCCWayne
August 7Car ShoweveryoneCruzin' Downtown - burnout contest!
August 10AutoXRay
August 14EnduroRayEnduro 300
August 14 & 15WSCCWayne
August 24AutoXRay
August 28 & 29Drag RacingRay and/or DarrenFastest street car
September 4EnduroRayEnduro 300
September 5 & 6Drag RacingRay and/or DarrenLong weekend
September 12AutoXRay
September 18 & 19Drag RacingRay and/or Darren
September 19AutoXRay
September 26Drag RacingRay and/or DarrenSeason Finale
October 10AutoXRaySeason Finale
tbdWSCCWayneSeason Finale

I can tell you now that I/we won't be at every event listed above. I am expecting to run the Enduros and some of the Drag Racing events, so please check the schedule for changes. I also recommend checking out the WSCC events for some great road racing. Once I have confirmed an event it will be highlighted in bold or reverse text (or something.)

Track and other Information:
Enduro: Victory Lane located south of Winnipeg on Highway 75.
Drag Racing and Road Racing are hosted just outside of Gimli.
Drag Racing: Viking International Raceway
Road Racing: Winnipeg Sports Car Club - Road Racing and AutoX
AutoX events are held at Gimli and Assiniboia Downs.

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