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    225 cubic inch (3.7L) Slant 6
    1 bbl. Carb.  Single exhaust, no cat, occasionally no muffler.
    100 hp @ 3600 rpm
    170 ft-lbs @ 1600 rpm
    3 speed torqueflite transmission.

    0-60:  yes.  Maybe 13.5 seconds.
    1/4 mile:  yes.  Low 19's?  Does it matter?  100hp, 3200+ lbs.  You do the math.
    Top Speed:  158 km/h.  (Just under the edge of a 100 mph speedo.)

When and how much:
    $60.  January 1994 to December 1994. 12,000 km.

    Another Volare.  I must be a sucker for punishment.  Actually, I thought it was a good deal after I blew up RV5.  I could take all the parts I wanted off RV5 and give it and $60 to my uncle in exchange for this one.  Even though it was a typical -40 Manitoba winter, my ever faithful assistant Darren helped me change 4 tires, remove a starter, alternator, radiator, headlights, and drain the gas tank.  (You'll be hearing lots more about Darren and his father (nicknamed "Crazy Ivan") in the upcoming cars and on his own page.)
    This was a good car.  I managed to get 12,000 km out of it before blowing the differential.  Unfortunately, I discovered that Chrysler must have used aluminum foil and cheese whiz for the guts of the rear ends, as they were hard to find, and expensive.  $200 for a used diff on a car that I bought for $60?!  It's not even like a slant-6 is much of a torque monster - I don't think the car could even do a burnout on dry pavement on snow tires.  I decided that I wasn't going to try and change a diff in the driveway in 40 below (again) on a rusty old car, so I junked it.  Got $110 from the shredder, almost got run over by the helper.  (Someone forgot P is for park....)

    Rolling Violation points were earned for:

    The slant-6 may be one gutless wonder, but most maintenance on it is very easy.  I could change the alternator in about 15 minutes, the starter in about 25.  Setting the timing was a bit tricky, as the distributor was on the "underside" of the slant.  I also got kind of lucky - the master cylinder went (that's the picture), but I didn't have to bleed the brakes after doing it.  Never did quite figure out how I didn't get any air in the lines.

More pictures:
    See the links section.  Weirdly enough, there aren't many web sites devoted to Volares.  I wonder why?

Links: - They have a lot of info on Volares/Aspens and other Mopars.

    I bought this one off yet another of my uncles.  That makes three cars from relatives.  That's definitely too many.
    One from Uncle Denis (RV2), one from Uncle Paul (RV5), and one from Uncle Louis (RV6.)

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