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Who are you?
Why the name "rollingviolation"?
Who hosts your server?
Why are there web pages ending in .bat?
Privacy statement:

Who are you?
If you don't have my address or phone number, you sure ain't getting it from this page!
(I have a real issue with spammers - see the privacy statement.)
I will tell you that I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Why the name "rollingviolation"?
Why not? :)
Seriously, it started because I got sick of changing my email address every 6 months.
I decided to get my own "dot-com" name. was taken, and at that time, .ca names weren't available to the general public.
I was also looking for a new name for my racing efforts - my previous name wasn't working - no one got the subtle joke in "JoKerr Racing."  (It's a blend of my last name and my racing buddy's last name.)
If you see the cars, I'm sure you can see where the nickname comes from.
Once I had a domain name, it was just a matter of time before doing more with it than just email forwarding.

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Who hosts your server?
I do.  An old Pentium running Slackware with Apache.  As a result, there are no pop-ups, no advertisements, and unlimited space.  I don't have any official rules for hosting other people's stuff, but will consider it - I'm hosting a 20 meg mpeg for a guy because angelfire wouldn't allow it.

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Why are there web pages ending in .bat?
Obviously this section no longer applies... The batch files have been obsoleted.  (old text: I've been found out... my early attempts at CGI scripts using good ole batch files.  I'm not crazy, just too lazy to learn Perl, and I know how to write some nasty batch files.  One day I'm going to put up a couple of pages showing what I've done so people can tell me just how nuts I am to be doing that.  Of course, I may move the whole site to a Linux box and it'll be a moot point - I'll be doing it with shell scripts instead.  I'm not sure why I don't want to learn Perl... but I'm just not interested...)

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Privacy Statement:
The only info collected on anyone who comes to is:
    IP address
    Referrer URL
    Browser Version

    That's it - no cookies, no other junk.  I don't care who you are, and I'm not harvesting the data and I'm not selling it to anyone.
    No advertising, no nothing.  Eventually if I get the race team together I may have links to the sponsors, but no selling of user data to anyone, and I'm not going to harvest any to sell.

    Server logs are monitored to detect hacker attempts.  Note to all you would-be hackers out there: stop trying to hit my box with IIS hacks.  I'm not running IIS.  If anyone wants a list of Nimbda compromised IIS boxes, let me know.  Maybe if a couple of these guys get shut down they'll learn something.  I'm tired of asking nicely - my web server gets about 100 "probes" a day looking for IIS holes.

    If you're a "bulk mailer", you are a spammer.  I hate spammers.  Please leave immediately.  If you continue reading this site, you agree NOT to send me unsolicited commercial email (spam) or you will be invoiced for $1000 per 80 characters of spam.  I charge for the headers as well, so most spam messgaes should be a minimum of $3000 or so.

Note to non-spammers who clicked on the link above - I apologize.  I don't mean you, only spammers.

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