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November 30, 2004: More script fixes. Time to revalidate the whole site for errors.

November 22, 2004: Upgraded to Apache 2.0.52. Fixed script errors.

November 20, 2004: Why no updates? I broke my development web server. Once that's fixed I have a lot of stuff that's in progress.

July 18, 2004: Wow - it's been a while - racing season has been insane. Three Enduros, one demo derby and drag racing. I really need to make time to update the site.

May 3, 2004: typo patrol.

April 17, 2004: Added some new funstuff video clips. Added links for Sponsors and Crew for the race team.

April 13, 2004: schedule tweak - the drag racing season finale changed. The last road race date is now "TBD"

March 28, 2004: RV14 page updated and "carbar" rebuilt to reflect the fact that RV14 now exists. Ray's first Chevy - a 76 Camaro dirt track car. The page is pretty much bare for now, I'll have some more pics shortly - I'm still in the dismantling/fixing stage...

March 24, 2004: Schedule changes for the demo and East. St. Paul Car show.

March 18, 2004: RV9 (Buick) page changed/overhauled to reflect it's new status as a demo derby car in the making - you'll be able to see it demo-ed in July on the Canada Day / Sekirk Rodeo.

Feb 29, 2004: Added Autocross dates to schedule page.

Feb 23, 2004: Now running Apache 2.0.48 on Slackware 9.1 on a Celeron. It's time for the yearly machine upgrade-a-thon.

Feb 9, 2004: minor tweak to the start page. Some new misc pics around the site.

Feb 2, 2004: changed start page with active blog link. Added a 2004 racing schedule page. F-body parts manual is back online via anonymous ftp. ( ftp.rollingviolation.com ) as three rar files for download. (It's a 300MB download to make a 600MB PDF file.)

December 28, 2003: added a "blog" section. Lame I know, but allows me space for random ramblings and stuff while not polluting the "news" section. Hey, it's my website, I'll do what I want. :) Amazingly enough, I've reached 2000 visitors. If you're looking for the fbody manual via FTP, I had to cannibalize the box - so it'll be back online in a bit - email me if you want it so I can arrange alternate delivery for you.

Oct 16, 2003: tweaked "carbar" so hopefully it displays properly in IE as well as it might be a bit better looking anyway.

October 13, 2003: RV13 page updated. A bunch more pics, timeslips, some reorg and cleanup of layout. Hope y'all like it. I have a TON more stuff in the queue - but it's time to wash and fix the cars for a few days. :)

October 11, 2003: New startup picture(s) randomly selected. Yup, another script. :)

October 5, 2003: Minor tweak to rv13 page. Script tweaks. RV103 updated info with info from the 15's.

September 22, 2003: Updated rv10 with a new pic and some more info.

September 21, 2003: This message is now done via another script. Think I finally got the mime-types working. Seems the latest windows browsers will "fix" the file extensions for you based on the mime-type. That's why you might end up with a filename of video.mpg.mpeg before. Whatever... I also promise a real car update by the end of the week.

September 15:  Working on updating the car pages.  You know, the reason this site exists in the first place.  Temporarily sidetracked to fix up some old perl stuff and try and make the pages HTML 4.01 compliant.

September 12, 2003:  Updated FAQ page.   2001 Firebird brochure in PDF format.   Got .WMV video clips downloading correctly.  (gotta read up on Mime types...) Have some new Fourth Gen video clips up, including my favourite from F-Body Hideout.

Aug 24, 2003:   Added some sound files - test tones from 10-90 hz and a couple of new Firebird pics on the funstuff page.  Added link to Daniel's band.  Getting back into the swing of small but regular updates. :)

Aug 22, 2003:  Wow!  Lots to add, hopefully I'll have some time for regular updates again.  The site is now running on a Slackware Linux box - I like Windows, I just prefer free software. Please let me know if stuff is broken - I'm using a couple of tricks to fix up page extensions and upper/LOWER case stuff...

February 22, 2003:  Argh... I can't believe it - a typo! Thanks Jay for telling me that I misspelled my tagline - drive you like you stole it?  The site is also currently running on a backup box as my main server suffered a hard drive failure last week.  I guess that's the clue to move it to Linux. :)

January 31, 2003: Watching the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona today and updating Apache to 2.0.44.

January 6, 2003: Work is in progress for more updates.  In the meantime, if you have bookmarks, please check and make sure they point to a page ending in .shtml instead of .html.  Thanks to Apache, I can fix this on the fly, but it's slower.  Also, this is the kind of stuff that sucks for car junkies like myself: John Lingenfelter is in critical condition after a nasty crash.  I hope he gets better. :(

December 9, 2002:  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from rollingviolation.com!  I'll probably not have much time to work on the site over the holidays, so check back in the new year - I have lots of stuff to add.  Thanks for stopping by in 2002!

December 3, 2002:  Ok, that's it.  It's too bloody cold.  -20 C is not a "HIGH."  If anyone down south where it's warm and sunny wants to hire a computer tech for cheap, email ray@rollingviolation.com.   But it has to be warm and sunny - Chicago in January is NOT warm and sunny.   Getting back to car stuff - Rolling Violation 13 is "finished" - at least with pictures and times from 2001.  Now I just need to scan in the timeslips from 2002.

November 30, 2002:  Rolling Violation 13 is updated with some content.  It's still a work in progress, but there's some pictures and something resembling a page to go along with it.

November 28, 2002:   More coding tweaks - most pages are now .shtml.  I know, who cares?   I just tweaked some stuff that'll make my life easier in the future - think modular - the "car bar" is now an include file - updating one file updates roughly 20 pages.  (Another example - this text is a separate file that updates two pages in one shot.  Just wait until I make a database!  <virtual slap> Doh!  just fixed my linking problem the easy way... when in doubt, rtfm!

November 23, 2002:  Darren's car is now officially Rolling Violation 103.   I think I got all the bugs worked out of the scripts that display the hires pictures, please let me know if things don't work.  I also managed to "borrow" a better box to run the website on for a while - should allow me to move the old box to slackware.

November 17, 2002:  The Darren page is up.  Info on his car to follow next week.

November 16, 2002:   At the wife's request, all license plates have been transmorgified.

November 6, 2002:  The hires picture shower is now working.  Yay!  Now I just need some new content, eh?

November 3, 2002:  Back from the dead!  I'll try and make a long story short... major changes under the hood at rollingviolation.com.  Updates to Apache, cgi script changes, etc.  Why?  Needed to fix some stuff I broke over the summer trying to be fancy.  That's what happens when you get a computer guy running the site.  What about car stuff?  That's the other reason for no updates, been too busy creating new content to sit down and sift through it all.  My plan for the next bit is to try and get semi-regular updates over the winter.  Some stuff is still broken on the RV11 and funstuff pages...  this will be rectified this week.

June 22, 2002: Quick update - Now running Apache 2.0.39.

June 10, 2002:  Added more content for RV12.  Finally cleaned up the C5 Vette pics in the funstuff section.  Now they are valid links instead of just thumbnails.  oops. :)  RV11 index page works properly.  Divx icon works again.  You can now get out with the back button - no more meta refresh stuff.  (Don't ask...)  Cleaned up some back-end stuff... check back in the next few days, as I have a ton of stuff to add to the site.

April 29, 2002 - RV11 content for 2000 is up.  Thumbnail index page is generated dynamically - should make updates easier.  Makes for some interesting HTML code.  RV13 is fixed. :)

April 24, 2002 - Finished Content for RV12 for 2000.  Working on RV11's 2000 content.  Broke RV13. <sigh>  Added a couple more videos on the funstuff page.  Deflected comments from Frank that I'm slow in updating the site by referring him to my Boss who thinks I spend too much time updating the site. :)

April 19, 2002 - All cars are finished up to Dec 31, 1999.  The plan is to add more content on them for stuff done in 2000 after I get some more funstuff up on the site.  Of course, now that RV13 is out of storage, I'm going to be busy racking the miles back up. :)

April 13, 2002 - RV13 comes out of storage tomorrow!!!  Working on RV12 page still.  Got rid of most of the under construction logos except for RV14.  (Some pages are still under construction, but the site layout is fairly static for now.)

April 1, 2002 - added FAQ page.  Includes privacy statement.  Recommended reading for all.

March 30, 2002 - added RV14 page.  Finished links and prep work for RV11-13.

March 18, 2002 - some tweaks on the site.  RV9 gets more power - on paper.  The car is still a big green turd.  Other cars get revised ratings. RV10 almost finished.  Trying to get the last few done before spring.  The scary part is from RV9 on... I still own them.  Gonna have to start my own used car lot.  I keep passing the "car guy" tests in Car Craft magazine, especially the part about having cars stored all over the countryside.  I have them in the driveway, the garage, Darren's house and the in-laws' shop.  Almost no room left... oh wait - my mother's garage is empty!

March 10, 2002 - added new links on the main page.  Added a link to ssin's burnout clip and a link to his site on angelfire.  No, I'm not currently looking to host anyone's site, but I will consider stuff - either computer or F-body stuff could be mirrored on my server.  Also added some more clips on the funstuff page, including one of Windows 98 blowing up on BillG on CNN.

March 10, 2002 - a whole month in between updates.  Whoops!  Good thing it's a free site. Actually, I did some "back end" work that doesn't show up as regular updates.  Bunch of things - added more content to the funstuff page - links to divx.com, pics of the Pontiac Rageous.  Finished RV9.  Go vote for what I should do with it!  Added a counter to the main page.  First CGI scripts and server-side includes.  Lots of manual code tweaking.  Now I just need to get the main page's table to display properly - both Netscape and IE have separate table bugs.   argh...

February 10, 2002 - Whew!  Two updates in two days!  Will the madness stop? :)  Seriously, I took a break from documenting "Ray's crappy cars" to include some fun stuff.  The funstuff link currently has three Firebird commercials.  I've got a ton of stuff to put in there, but a bit at a time.  If anyone has a good program for creating button graphics, I'd love to hear about it.  I did the funstuff ones by hand... that was too much like work.  Changed the main news page to be a table.  I guess I'll need a real HTML management tool soon - notepad.exe just isn't cutting it anymore.

February 8, 2002 - I've been busy with my day job.  Seeing as how this is a free site that I do in my spare time, it's had to sit a bit.  The good news - RV8 page is up.  That's the red Fiero.  I've been working on some background stuff as well, and have lots of ideas for the site after I'm done with my cheesy car collection.  I dropped the numbers off the table above - comments/complaints/death threats? email me: ray@rollingviolation.com

January 17, 2002 - It's been a while!  Been busy fixing RV12.  Finally finished RV7 page, added some pictures of other 70's Firebirds on the RV4 page.

January 4, 2002 - Added RV6 page, and created a page for Darren, my faithful assistant in auto repair.

January 2, 2002 - made some time to work on RV5, the first of the Volares.  Swiped a couple of pictures from www.allpar.com.  They have a ton of neat stuff on Mopars, so if you're into old Dodges, check 'em out.  Next up - more Volares.  (RV6)

December 30, 2001 - I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine was busy as heck.  Finished RV4 page.  Just a reminder to the millions of viewers out there that I am always open for ideas.  After I finish the RV series, I plan on adding links to other ugly cars and other fun stuff.  Stay tuned!

December 19, 2001 - Finished RV#2, added content for RV#3.

December 17, 2001 - finalized current layout for the RV series.  Maybe one day I'll get a real HTML editor... added RV#2 page.

December 16, 2001 - first self-designed graphic for the site.  First HTML table.  (Hey, we're talking baby steps here.)  Some tweaks to the page templates for the rest of the series.

December 15, 2001 - RV#1 page is up.  I know, it hardly qualifies as a rolling violation, but the real "rolling violations" are coming up.

December 2001 - Various layouts are played with.  Version 1.00 is unofficially launched.  Mail to ray@rollingviolation.com goes live.

November 2001 - RollingViolation.com moves to a new server, and plans for real content begin.

April 2000 - RollingViolation.com is born.

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